JazzTube Festival Bonn 2018

JazzTube Bonn

JazzTube 2018 brings music to Bonn’s public transport in the 7th year and starts with an opening concert on August 4th at 8:30 p.m. as part of Bonn’s Stadtgartenkonzerte am Alten Zoll.

opening concert at Alter Zoll

After the successes of the past years, SWB Bus und Bahn will once again bring life to three subway stations in Bonn in 2018 with the popular music format JazzTube.

On five consecutive Fridays starting from August 24th, Stadtwerke Bonn invites commuters to listen to music at the stops “Hauptbahnhof/Thomas-Mann Straße”, “Universität/Markt” and “Heussallee/Museumsmeile”.

Hbf/Thomas-Mann Straße 

From Friday, August 24th, the concert series will start with the young jazz scene around Bonn introducing itself to the broad public. A total of 15 bands show their musical skills at the selected stops and take the listener on an adventure ride through the different styles of jazz, latin, soul, funk, world music and improvisation. From duo to septet.

The opening concert (August 4th, Alter Zoll) and the concerts on the B levels of the bus and train stops are made possible by the SWB and are free of charge!

Subway as body of resonance

It is a fact that street music can be of the highest level and is not just a second- or third-class event and can be heared in the metropolitan cities of this world!
Cities like Paris and New York recognized the potential of these events many years ago and integrated them into their tourism concept.

In Bonn, another aspect is an added bonus for Stadtwerke Bonn: it shows how the perception of public spaces in Bonn’s local transport system can be changed meaningfully and revitalised by good ideas alone. Not to mention the unique sound of the venues.

The talent factory

JazzTube also offers a stage for the local music scene and young talents. Since its premiere in 2012, JazzTube has been supporting the jazz scene in Bonn and the region – with great success.

In the line-up of JazzTube you will find musicians from the great up-and-coming orchestras: Jugend Jazz Orchester Bonn (JJOB), Jugend Jazz Orchester NRW (JJO NRW) and not least from the Bundesjazzorchester (BuJazzO).

Some of the musicians could also be heard at the Jazzfest Bonn after their premiere in the subway in the following years.

The saxophonist Denis Gäbel for example, who performed as a sideman on “Hannah Köpf und Band” in 2013 at the “Heussallee/Museumsmeile” stop and in the final of JazzTube 2013 with the bands “Jin Jim” and the “Klasters Duo”. Since then he has made a good name for himself internationally and his current CD production has received fabulous reviews. The worldwide established jazz magazine DOWNBEAT gave its CD “The Good Spirits” 4 stars! Denis Gäbel is also a co-author of the textbook “Saxophone for Dummies”.

In 2018 Denis Gäbel will present his new CD “The Good Spirits” at the JazzTube Festival Bonn at the Pantheon Theater.

The Bonn the band “Jin Jim” also climbed the ladder of success and will present their first CD with the renowned CD label ACT at the Pantheon Theater in Bonn in November.

Jazz for a cosmopolitan city

The “Jazz Tube” format offers a platform on which the young musicians of the world can meet, get to know and learn from each other. A “Come Together” of the “Young Lions” and perhaps the “stars” of tomorrow.

Like no other style of music, “jazz” knows how to combine the most diverse musical styles and rhythms of the world and to create something new and common.

You are cordially invited to go on this musical journey with the musicians at the selected underground stations.

Sustainable strengthening of the music scene in Bonn

The saxophonist and big band leader Thomas Kimmerle from Bonn is the artistic director. Again this year JazzTube Bonn will present many young musicians from the region. Established and internationally experienced artists will also find their way into Bonn’s underground stations and present an exciting and varied programme.

Joining forces with the Bonn-based cultural and music scene

The JazzTube Festival Bonn will open the concert series on Saturday, August 4th as part of the Stadtgartenkonzerte am alten Zoll.

Just like in 2017 at JazzTube at the stop Universität/Markt, the band RADIUS will captivate the audience in the spirit of a sustainable promotion of young musicians.

opening concert at Alter Zoll

The audience becomes the programme director

The highlight of JazzTube 2018 will be the JazzTube Festival at the Pantheon Theater Bonn.

As every year, fans and audiences are invited to vote for their three favourites. Over the duration of the underground concerts (August 24th to September 24th 2018) fans can rate their favourite artists via SMS. The three bands with the highest approval ratings will perform at the Pantheon Theater Bonn on Friday, October 12th, 2018.

On three evenings in a row (October 12th to 14th) the winners of the voting, aspiring jazz musicians from Bonn and North Rhine-Westphalia as well as nationally and internationally established artists will present themselves.

This combination of audience participation, promotion of young talent and international top acts makes the JazzTube Festival Bonn a unique concert experience with a charisma beyond the borders of the city of Bonn.

JazzTube Festival 2018

The citizens of Bonn will enjoy 23 concerts on 9 days with the participation of around 70 artists.

The JazzTube Timetable

On Fridays from 5 p.m. three bands, spread over the stops “Hauptbahnhof/Thomas-Mann Straße”, “Universität/Markt” and “Heussallee/Museumsmeile”, play three sets lasting about half an hour.

Visitors, fans and passengers can either view all three sets at one stop or commute to the other venues on tram lines 16, 63 and 66 during breaks.

Hbf/Thomas-Mann Straße 
1. Set 5 pm 2. Set 5:45 pm 3. Set 6:30 pm
1. Set 5:15 pm 2. Set 6:00 pm 3. Set 6:45 pm
1. Set 5:30 pm 2. Set 6:15 pm 3. Set 7:00 pm

The concerts at the underground stations are free of charge for the public.

JazzTube Bonn is presented to you by

SWB Bus und Bahn - JazzTube Festival BonnThomas Kimmerle künstlerischer Leiter der JazzTube Bonn

Idea, concept, artistic direction & realisation : Thomas Kimmerle

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