JazzTube Bonn 2017

JazzTube Bonn

JazzTube 2017 brings music to Bonn’s public transport in the 6th year and starts with an opening concert on the 5th of August at 19:00 at the Bonner Stadtgartenkonzerte, Alter Zoll.

Opening Concert at the Alten Zoll

After the 5-year jubilee last year, the popular music format JazzTube livens up the tube stations in Bonn 2017 for the sixth time.

On five consecutive Fridays from the 25th of August the Stadtwerke Bonn will invite commuters to the tube stations “Hbf / Thomas-Mannstraße”, “Universität / Markt” and “Heussallee / Museumsmeile” on a musical rendition.

Hbf/Thomas-Mann Straße 

On Friday, August 25th, the music event will start and the jazz scene around Bonn will be presented to the general public. A total of 15 bands will show their musical skills at the selected stations and will take the listeners on a journey through the various styles of jazz, latin, fusion, world music and improvisation. From duo to sextet.

The opening concert and the concerts on the B levels of the underground stations are sponsored by the SWB Bus und Bahn and are free of charge for the public!

JazzTube helps to promote the local music scene and young talents!

The talent factory

Since the premiere in 2012, JazzTube has been supporting the jazz scene in Bonn and the surrounding area – with great success.

Some of the musicians have also been heard during the last years at the Jazzfest Bonn.

So also the singer Laura Totenhagen. At the JazzTube 2015 at the “Universität/Markt” station and 2017 at the Jazzfest Bonn.

The young Bonn trio Theobald / Viehbahn / Knauber convinced at the JazzTube 2015 and set the rhythm group in the Jugendjazzorchester Bonn for a couple of years until 2017. The drummer Joshua Knauber is the winner of the 2017 national music competition “Jugend musiziert”. His two colleagues are now working in music studies and Andreas Theobald has taken the leap into the Landesjugend Jazzorchester NRW.

For a cosmopolitan city

JazzTube also contributes to sharpening the cultural profile of the city of Bonn on a regional and national scale, and addresses a cosmopolitan audience.

This is underlined by the musician Waldemar Lezckowski from Bonn who is performing with a 5-member formation from 4 different nations at this year’s JazzTube.

Flutist Morgana Moreno, a student of the Bonn musician Michael Heupel and now living in Rotterdam, will take the audience with Brazilian sounds from her home country in the southern globe.

Sustainable strengthening of the music scene in Bonn

The artistic director is the Bonn saxophonist and big band leader Thomas Kimmerle. The JazzTube Bonn will again present many young musicians from the region. But also established and internationally experienced artists find their way to the Bonn tube stations and present an exciting and varied program.

Since five years, the format JazzTube Bonn is a success in the cultural landscape of Bonn and is enthusiastically received by the audience.

Back-to-back with the culture and music scene in Bonn

The JazzTube is growing in 2017, and the concert series will open with a double concert on Saturday, August 5 at the Stadtgartenkonzerte am alten Zoll.

Opening concert at the Alten Zoll

The guitarist Alexander Wünsche from Bonn will be performing with his trio and the Cologne formation LUCIEL will play together with singer Sophie Grobler from Berlin. Both bands were already represented at the JazzTube Bonn and the Alex Wünsche Trio from Bonn was one of the finalists at the 2016 final concert.

The audience will become the program director

The JazzTube Festival will be the highlight of the JazzTube 2017 at the Pantheon Theater in Bonn.

As every year the fans and the audience are invited to choose their three favorites. Over the duration of the tube station concerts (25.8.2017 to 25.09.2017) the artists can be given stars via SMS voting. The three bands with the highest ratings will play on Friday, 3 November 2017 in the Pantheon Theater Bonn.

JazzTube Festival 2017

On three evenings, the winners of the voting, emerging jazz musicians from Bonn and North Rhine-Westphalia as well as national and internationally established artists will be presented.

This combination of public participation, the promotion of young talent and international top acts make the JazzTube Bonn a unique concert experience which radiates beyond the city of Bonn.

In total, the citizens of Bonn will be able to enjoy 24 concerts on 9 days between 5 August 2017 and 5 November 2017 with a participation up to 75 artists.

This JazzTube programm

On Fridays from 5 pm, three bands play three half-hour sets, spread over the stations “Hauptbahnhof / Thomas-Mannstraße”, “Universität / Markt” and “Heussallee / Museumsmeile”.

Visitors, fans and passengers have the opportunity to either watch all three sets at one station or commute to the other venues during the breaks.

Hbf/Thomas-Mann Straße 
1. Set 17:00 2. Set 17:45 3. Set 18:30
1. Set 17:15 2. Set 18:00 3. Set 18:45
1. Set 17:30 2. Set 18:15 3. Set 19:00

The concerts at the tube stations are free for the public.

JazzTube Bonn is brought to you by

SWB Bus und Bahn - JazzTube Festival Bonn Thomas Kimmerle

Idea, concept, artistic director & realisation : Thomas Kimmerle

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